«Dear friends, on behalf of the Association and on my own behalf, I am sincerely glad to welcome all participants of the «Student Energy Challenge» competition. Organization of the competition is very important for us, in the aspect of developing the human capital as one of the significant areas of our activities. I am convinced that this event will permit us to take a fresh look at the development of intellectual skills among young talented students, increase students’ involvement in the process of successful work in the effective team interaction with their peers, exchange experience and demonstrate successfully their innovative developments in solving problems in the energy sector. We are grateful to the Shell for their cooperation. We hope that this project, the present forum, will be remembered by its content and interesting meetings, and will contribute to the promotion of promising ideas and initiatives».

Karabalin Uzakbay
Deputy Chairman of the KAZENERGY Association
«We are proud of our decision to initiate and to finance this competition in partnership with the KAZENERGY Association, since we believe that the future of power engineering is in the hands of the younger generation. They have great ideas, enthusiasm and deep understanding of the challenges faced by the planet and the society. The main one is the global energy dilemma. The quality of the project ideas that we received during the «Student Energy Challenge» was at a high level that demonstrated the talent of the new generation of Kazakhstan. We hope that the experience of taking part in this competition will encourage our participants and many others to develop their ideas and turn them into real solutions».

Olivier Lazar
Vice President and Chairman of Shell Kazakhstan

Промежуточные итоги проведения конкурса


The jury consists of highly qualified local and foreign experts of the industry

f4.jpg K. Kabyldin
Deputy General Director for RK Government Relations of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium
f1.jpg B. Hazelaar
General Manager, Shell Kazakhstan

foto_3.jpg H. Sindhu
Renewable Energy Lead, Shell Kazakhstan

f3.jpg L. Myltykbayeva 
Managing Director - Director of Expertise Department of "Science Fund" JSC
f2.jpg B. Issenov
Head of Department for “Powert Generation and Fuel”  of “Samruk Energy” JSC

Booklet of the intellectual team competition «Student Energy Challenge», 2017

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Frequently asked questions about “Student Energy Challenge” competition

1. How to register for the competition?
In order to register, on the website of the Association ( ) you need to go to the section Homepage → Activities → Educational program →Competition (link: ).
2. Can individuals participate in the competition?
No, only teams of 3-5 students can register and participate in the competition.
3. Can the team consist of students from different specialties / courses / universities?
Yes, students in any combination can form a team, but will be represented by one university.
4. Can students who study at universities outside of Kazakhstan participate in the competition?
No, the competition is aimed for students of domestic technical universities.
5. Are there any specialists who can participate in the competition?
The competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students to ensure equal conditions for all teams.
6. Are there any age restrictions?
To participate in the competition are allowed teams consisting of students aged 18 to 29 years (undergraduate and graduate).
7. Can students who are not citizens of Kazakhstan participate?
If the team member is currently a student of the Kazakhstan University, then despite the citizenship, he has the right to take part in the competition.
8. Are there any preferences regarding the language of the video resume submission?
Video summaries can be sent in any of the three languages: Kazakh, Russian or English, but with a brief thesis in Russian.
9. Are there any preferences regarding the language of the project's passport submission?
Projects / decisions will be sent in three languages: Kazakh, Russian or English.
10. When developing a project, can teams take the help of teachers (professors) and mentors?
The team must understand and accept that the project submitted for the competition is the result of their work and/or research. You can use the support of mentors only for obtaining advice. Please be careful with plagiarism and quoting or links to relevant sources. If the organizers find that the application submitted is not the result of the team's own work, the team will be disqualified.
11. Who will have the intellectual property rights to the project / solution that will be presented / developed during the competition?
The presented projects / solutions developed for the contest remain the property of the authors.
12. Is it possible to extend the timing of the video resume?
The deadline for the submission of a video resume is June 15, 2018, which is why we draw attention to the fact that it is necessary to register faster by the link: ).
13. What criteria will be used to evaluate the video resume?
The requirements for a video resume, both technical plan and style and competition, can be found in the Competition Regulations, which is available under the link:
14. Who will evaluate the submitted video resume?
To review submitted video resume of the participating teams, an evaluation commission will be formed from representatives of the organizers (possibly state bodies and representatives of member companies of the Association).
15. Who will be included in the jury?
The jury will be announced later. All members will be independent judges with relevant qualifications.
16. Will the travel expenses for the teams invited to defend the project be covered?
Yes, the side of the organizers covers the round trip expenses, accommodation in Astana for the period of the final stage of the contest.
17. Will additional events be organized in the framework of the competition?
Yes, between the stages of the contest will be organized webinars (online training) for participating teams and after the final will be held NXplorers training “New Thinking Technologies”.
18. Do I have to participate in webinars?
Yes, for the participation of the entire team in each of the webinars 1 point will be assigned to.
19. What if the full team does not participate in the final event held on October 2-3, 2018?
In this case, the team must notify the organizer of such a change as early as possible. If the team is invited to defend the project/decision, at least 2 student members of the team and the captain must participate on behalf of the team.
20. In case the team goes to the final stage and gets on the shortlist, can you invite friends and relatives for moral support during the project protection on October 2-3 before the jury?
Yes, if your team gets into the shortlist of the competition, then the teams can invite their friends, relatives and/or teachers. In this case, the organizers should be informed in advance (it will be necessary to register, which we will inform about later).
21. If the team takes the first place, will it be possible to invite friends, students from other universities to participate in the NXplorers training “New Thinking Technologies”.
The training will be organized only for 8 teams participating in the final stage of the competition. However, the organizers can consider the possibility of participation of other persons, depending on the number of participants of the 8 teams who came to the defense.
22. Will it be possible for the participants of the competition to get a job or practice from a company of organizers, or in any other oil and gas company?
The “Student Energy Challenge” competition is not a process of selecting and hiring employees, and participation in it will not affect the assessment when hiring.