Representatives of energy sector discussed advanced gas production and field development technologies

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017 10:11

Representatives of energy sector discussed advanced gas production and field development technologies

On February 24, 17th meeting of Scientific and Technical Council of KAZENERGY Association on “Current issues of gas re-injection” was held.

Agenda of this meeting included discussion of gas re-injection technologies at three giant fields - Kashagan, Karachaganak and Tengiz.

During the meeting, the representatives of “PSA”, “Karachaganak Petroleum Operating” (KPO), “North Caspian Operating Company” (NCOC) and “Tengizchevroil” (TCO) presented their reports.

In his report on gas re-injection at Kashagan and Karachaganak fields, Khassanov Bakhytzhan Kenessovich, Managing Director for “PSA” projects management, provided assessment for the field development process. The speaker provided detailed dynamic characteristics of the field wells. Kashagan field development is under pilot commercial development. In future, it is planned to increase oil production due to supplementary sour gas injection compression facilities. Also, Abzal Aitzhanov, Head of the group for gas injection of “Tengizchevroil” LLP Field Development Management, reported on sour gas injection at Tengiz field. He reported that this project will allow increasing and improving oil production due to maintenance of formation pressure and invasion, as well as increasing production due to unloading of the second generation plant (SGP). According to Aitzhanov, compression facility operation, well injection capacity, well bore reliability and productive capacity are also successful indicators of SGP. The company plans to continue using compression facilities and to increase their number soon.

Representatives of Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, research and development engineer Bakhytzhan Kaliyev and Senior Development Geologist Alibek Kassenov told on experience of gas re-injection at Karachaganak gas-condensate field. Experts noted the methods of geological and formation studies in three-dimensional geological and mathematical formation model, which helped to optimize and improve gas injection project management.

In turn, Zeinep Yesbulatova, Head of Technical Regulation Department of the Technical Directorate of NCOC, presented her report on gas development and injection at Kashagan field. Zeinep Yesbulatova noted that North Caspian has specific features which create difficulties in filed development. The field will be developed in complicated geological conditions with abnormally high formation pressure and high hydrogen sulphide concentration in formation fluids. Oil operations at the field are performed with utmost care and minimum impact on environment and bioresources of the project area, which are significant for the health of the population and economy of Kazakhstan and are international commons. By Yesbulatova, all required documents and approvals for gas injection are received from the state authorities. Industrial experiment works on gas injection are scheduled for the second quarter of this year.

Satimov Arman Nurlanovich, Advisor to the Chairman of KAZENERGY Association, noted that gas injection is the key issue in gas production industry and offered to consider the questions of subsoil users at the separate meetings involving project institutes, representatives of state authorities and other interested parties.

In general, speeches and presentations of all reporters aroused much interest and continuous discussions of the meeting participants, who expressed their wishes and recommendations.

In conclusion, Karabalin Uzakbai Suleimenovich provided recommendations for all reporters to develop this field of study at universities, to contact research centers and to consider the possibility to cover these materials in scientific and technical magazines.



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