Scientific and technical council of the kazenergy association has discussed the innovative solutions of the energy efficiency and energy conservation

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Thursday, 13 April 2017 16:18


Scientific and technical council of the kazenergy association has discussed the innovative solutions of the energy efficiency and energy conservation

The innovative solutions of the energy efficiency and energy conservation were addressed at the regular meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the KAZENERGY Association on the 11th of April this year, which was attended by the guest experts from Czech Republic as well as chiefs and specialists from the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan, Samruk-Energo JSC, KIOG JSC, Kazakhstan Association of Energy Auditors ULE, Ergonomika LLP, NCOC and members of the KAZENERGY Association – oil and gas and energy companies of  the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Opening the meeting, Adviser to the Chairman of the KAZENERGY Association, Deputy Chairman of the STC Arman Satimov and Managing Director for Production and Asset Management of Samruk-Energo JSC Serik Tyurbekev delivered a welcoming speech, introduced speakers and called the participants to discuss all the popular issues of energy efficiency and energy saving.

The economy of Kazakhstan is characterized by two factors: firstly, the real sector is prevailed by outdated technologies and equipment with significant depreciation; secondly, for historical reasons, the energy-intensive sectors make up the core of the economy of Kazakhstan. Given this, increasing energy efficiency is becoming a key to improving the competitiveness of Kazakhstan’s goods and the economy as a whole.

Representative of the MID of RoK Olzhas Alibekov reported on the implementation of the state policy in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency. The speaker talked about global trends of investing in the energy sector, including in renewable energy sources (RES). The growth of renewable energy generation in 2015 versus previous years was 33%. Investments in the oil and gas industry are still at the top.

Dauren Tokbayev, President of "Kazakhstan Association of Energy Auditors" ULE told the participants about the challenges in energy efficiency and the suggested changes in the Law of the RoK "On Self-Regulation", legal acts and Rules of Audit. For example, it was proposed to reduce the general timeframe for conducting energy audits and to introduce the institutes of self-regulation, a model of which was presented by the speaker in his presentation.

A crucial point of the STC meeting was the speech by CEO of Consortium "CZET - Czech Energy Conservation Technologies" Zdenek Zbytecka, who is also the EXPO Commissioner of the Czech Republic and is the holder of the "Person of the Year" nomination. Mr. Zbytec spoke about the current state of Czech energy sector, the use of Czech experience and the latest technologies for the modernization and development of the energy infrastructure of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He noted that the cooperation between Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic began with the visit of Czech President Miloš Zeman to Astana in 2014, which Mr. Zbytek himself attended as part of the delegation. It is important to note that the Czech Republic, in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and KGNT, will take an active part in the EXPO-2017 Exhibition and will host specialized themed Czech days of energy.

Specialists of various sectors from ŠKODA PRAHA a.s, Environment Commerce CZ and ETD Transfarmatory a.s. shared their innovative technologies and solutions; Peter Krupchik, Deputy Technical Director of SKODA PRAHA a.s. talked about the experience of ŠKODA PRAHA in upgrading and environmentalizing the coal-burning plants in the Czech Republic. As an important topic of the session, the participants discussed the possibility of using the Czech experience of environmentalization in Kazakhstan.

In addition, the participants addressed the issue of innovative energy-efficient waste water treatment for oil and gas and energy enterprises. Ivan Bidenko, General Director of ENVIRONMENT COMMERCE CZ a.s., presented the concept of creation of an energy-independent food and utility complex in the cities of Kazakhstan.

To complete the meeting, reports were continued by local specialists from NCOC and "Ergonomika" LLP. Mukhtar Koshkarbayev, environmental engineer of the greenhouse gases and energy efficiency group of NCOC, acquainted the participants with "My Eco Footprint" campaign aimed to draw attention to the problem of climate change. The speaker noted the need to support and promote energy conservation and energy efficiency, primarily, in terms of environmental safety. Such approach, according to the expert, seems innovative, as it will find more understanding and approval among the broad masses of modern society and will create a fertile ground for reducing the energy intensity of GDP.

In conclusion of the meeting, the participants of the STC voiced their proposals and comments on the most significant aspects which must be focused on in order to promote the theme of energy efficiency and energy conservation in the country.

* CZET Consortium is a group of thirty Czech manufacturers of energy technologies, design, construction and trade companies, which have united into the Czech Energy Conservation Technologies – "CZET" in order to offer modern, highly effective power complexes, and individual deliveries of technologies or turn-key supplies to foreign companies.

* Environment Commerce CZ has been supplying waste water treatment units to the European and Middle Eastern markets for over 20 years now.

* ŠKODA PRAHA a.s deals with general supplies of power complexes, and upgrades, repairs and reconstructs power plants or process sides thereof, commissions equipment, including warranty and certification trials.

* ETD Transfarmatory a.s. is the company producing energy effective world class choke coils and transformers. Currently, the product line comprises power transformers (single-phase and three-phase regulating and non-regulated transformers), automobile power invertors, furnace transformers, traction transformers for use in the railway industry as well as for specific-purpose reactors.




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