Scientific and Technical Council of KAZENERGY Association discusses innovative solutions in oil and gas field development

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Thursday, 01 June 2017 11:07

Scientific and Technical Council of KAZENERGY Association discusses innovative solutions in oil and gas field development

At a regular meeting held on May 30 this year, the Scientific and Technical Council of KAZENERGY Association discussed innovative solutions in oil and gas field development. The meeting was attended by invited experts from service and engineering companies, managers and specialists of oil and gas companies, design institutes, representatives of the School of Mining and Geosciences at Nazarbayev University and members of KAZENERGY Association (oil and gas and energy organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan).

Opening the meeting, the STC Chairman Uzakbai Suleimenovich Karabalin made a welcoming speech, introduced the speakers and called on discussing all the topical issues of energy efficiency and energy saving.

Laurent Richard, Ph.D, geochemistry consultant (Barcelona, ​​Spain) spoke on "Geochemistry of sulphur in petroleum system". He presented thermodynamic studies and conceptual conclusions from the study, in which he defined the system under study and the chemical composition and phases inherent in the system. The thermodynamic models that he developed offer a proper explanation of the geochemical processes that take place in petroleum systems and help in forecasting concentration limits (for example, of hydrogen sulphide) at given temperatures and pressures, and in changing reservoir performance.

Representatives of Russian Multifunctional Company ChemServiceEngineering LLC made a presentation on "Breakthrough technology of oil recovery enhancement". Earlier, ChemServiceEngineering presented good results of the use of the new high-performance reagent AC-CSE-1313-A + acid composition (gelling agent). EOR-Soft presented the product "Information Support for EOR Technologies" and told about a software package that allows effective evaluation of the use of new technologies in oil and gas fields successfully applied by Lukoil, Gazprom, Tatneft, RosNeft, SlavNeft and others.

In addition, a report on development of the School of Mining and Geosciences at Nazarbayev University, which was founded jointly in a strategic partnership with Colorado School of Mines, was presented at the meeting. This school was established as a single centre of knowledge in earth sciences aimed at transforming the existing knowledge and technologies in development of high-performance industry, and at developing safe, efficient and environmentally responsible use of natural resources. Bachelor and master's programs in mining and oil and gas business were presented as well.

"Universal subsurface sucker-rod pump drive" project was presented by the project designer and patent owner Abilkhas Bissembayev. He told about the development and pilot testing of the universal subsurface sucker-rod pump drive, and the circuit diagram of the unit (USSRPD). The Council members noted that the presented work could have a development prospect for industrial implementation with proper technical enhancement and subject to successful subsequent pilot trials.

Representatives of KazMunayGas Research and Development Institute of Production and Drilling Technology presented a comprehensive study on introduction of hydraulic fracturing technology on the example of the KazMunayGas group of companies, including a description of the technology, history, quantitative data and analysis of the effectiveness of this technology. The newly developed system for high-quality performance of HF has helped improve the efficiency of these operations, increase the economic profitability of HF and achieve the planned production through HF. The STC meeting participants discussed new focus areas in the use of the technology, such as hybrid HF, reduction of the use of fresh water and others.

Director of Kazakh Petroleum Institute of Scientific Research and Geological Survey (KazNIGRI) JSC Akhan Serikovich Sarbayev reported on efficient application of the FloWQ jet pump system at the Tobearal field. The innovative jet pump was designed to extract large amounts of underground reservoir fluids containing solid impurities in quantities ranging from moderate to large. Studies showed that this jet pump helped achieve a noticeable increase in oil recovery from the wells at the field, a considerable increase in the time between repairs and a reduction in electricity consumption.

The last issue of the meeting agenda was presented by the international service company Schlumberger. The issue related to primary, secondary and tertiary oil recovery methods. The company representatives told about their general system approach focusing on chemical methods of oil recovery (EOR), including the details of the work at the screening and modelling stages.

At the end of the meeting, the STC Chairman noted that these projects and issues are relevant today and have a prospect for further development in their areas. According to the Adviser to the Chairman of KAZENERGY Association Arman Nurlanovich Satimov, the next meeting is scheduled for this July. The meeting agenda will focus on the energy development issues, in view of the EXPO-2017 exhibition.





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