In 2013 Kazakhstan sent biggest volume of crude to Italy

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Monday, 07 April 2014 14:46

The biggest volume of its crude exports in 2013 Kazakhstan sent to Italy, reports, citing the country’s Oil Minister Uzakbai Karabalin as saying before the Majilis (lower chamber).

“The current global situation once again emphasizes how important it is to diversify crude exports routes. Kazakhstan has been exporting its crude to 30 countries. In 2013, Italy accounted for 27% of Kazakhstan’s crude exports, followed by China (17%), the Netherlands (13%), France (9%), Austria (7%)”, Mr. Karabalin said.

According to him, the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) pipelines accounted for 28.7 million tons of exported crude, that is 40% of the overall crude exports. 15.4 million tons (21%) were shipped via the Atyrau-Samara oil pipeline, with another 11.8 million tons (17%) being sent via Atasu-Alashankow pipeline. “6.3 million tons of exported crude (9%) were sent via the Aktau Caspian Sea port; 856 000 tons of condensed gas were sent to the Russian Orenburg-based refinery (1%). And another 9 million tons (12%) were sent by railways”, he elaborated.

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