Trade house 'KazMunayGas'

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03.02.2009 00:07
Trade house 'KazMunayGas'" JSC is the largest participant in the Kazakhstan oil products market that exports and imports oil and gas products and also fulfils wholesale and retail working directly with customers throughout the country.
Oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan is one of the major sectors that ensures social and economic development of the country. Government authorities and large private companies work much on upgrading the domestic oil and gas sector. Recently this sector has experienced significant growth that will soon help Kazakhstan to become one of the world's 50 most competitive countries. The history of the "Trade house" began on the 29th March, 2002, when the new enterprise was founded, succeeding the company "Kazak-hOil Products".
Purchase of 75 % of Rompetrol share in 2007
In August, 2007 the company purchased 75% of Rompetrol Group NV (TRG) shares. As a consequence of this agreement "Trade house" doubled its estimated capacity. "Trade house" gained access to two refineries in Romania and essentially enhanced its retail network in the European market via purchase of 630 petrol stations in 7 countries (from Georgia to France). The purchase was approved by the European commission and relevant authorities. Rompetrol will be governed by two stakeholders - "National company 'KazMunayGas'" JSC and Rompetrol Holding, herewith the Kazakhstan party will have the right to appoint the basic Board of Directors of TRG, that will reflect the new frame of ownership. The management will remain the same, no major changes in company administration are planned. As for the future of the network and entrance to the European market of the retail brand "KazMunayGas", it is outside the near-term plans of the company.
Modernization of Atyrau refinery
In 2008 "Trade house 'KazMunayGas'" jointly with Axens (France) is planning to start construction of benzol production complex at Atyrau refinery, which will essentially improve the quality of petrol and solve ecological problems. Axens will
act as a licensor for design of catalytic reforming plant. The participation of this competent organization confirms high requirements to the new production operation. This project is in the framework of the governmental program on the development of petrochemistry in West Kazakhstan and it will help to cut the percentage of harmful benzol in fuel from 5% to 1%. High-octane petrol will meet Euro-3 and Euro-4 standards. The solution of ecological problems, connected with petrol will help to create premises for petrochemistry development, hence benzol is the most valuable petrochemical. The capital outlays in the framework of the Atyrau refinery reconstruction project amount to 55, 6 bin tenge (384 mln USD).
Expanding of the domestic petrol stations network
One of the strategic directions of the company activities is expanding of the national petrol stations network, as part of the development strategy of the company. So far the petrol stations network includes about 150 petrol stations. The forthcoming increase of petrol stations quantity up to 300 will allow "Trade house 'KazMunayGas'" to influence the price policy in the domestic market. At the moment the retail network of "Trade house" became one of the recognized leaders in the Kazakhstani market. That can be accounted for the initially high standards set forth by the company. For the purpose of improvement of service quality automated control system is being implemented at "KazMunayGas" petrol stations. These innovations will help to increase considerably labour capacity, to cut down loss of the product when transferring it from fuel trucks, to take down the influence of human factor. The walkthrough system of quality control, developed by "Trade house 'KazMunayGas'", will allow to monitor the processing chain entirely from petrol producing and selling and provide customers with high quality products, which is checked by the basic indicators. With the purpose of management improvement the company introduces international standards of management (ISO: 9000, ISO: 14000, ISO: 18000), SAP software, balanced indicator system.