KING. Sustainability and development

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03.02.2009 00:08

JSC "Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas" (KING) was created in 2002 by the Governmental Resolution of Republic of Kazakhstan for consolidation of domestic design and scientific-research resources in sphere of oil and gas into effective engineering structure; creating conditions for formation in Republic of Oil & Gas scientific - technological school of the world level, which will ensure the tasks performance in effective development of domestic Oil & Gas industry.

For past five years KING became the leading industry design-research centre combining the leading domestic scientific-research institutes and design-and-exploration companies. In conditions of the cardinal changes which have covered all life spheres of Kazakhstan, KING could not only keep, but also increase experience accumulated for more than a century history of oil industry in Kazakhstan. The priority directions of KING activities are:
•    Strategic researches and development of the various programs and industry concepts, for example, developed by KING the general and complex plan of the coast-line infrastructure development in the Kazakh sector of the Caspian sea;
•    Engineering service covering all technological processes from field improvement, preparation, transportation and subsequent oil and gas processing, beginning from the exploratory designs (Technical-and-Economic Assessment, Justification of Investment), engineering explorations to development of the production and operational procedures;
•    Research works on geology and reservoir engineering of oil and gas fields, as well as separate applied researches on current problems facing the industry, for example, KING over four years is actively engaged in study of the associated sulphur complex utilization problem in Tengiz and Kashagan fields.
One of the current objectives KING considers the introduction in the activity of steady progression principles and social responsibility. The steady progression is indissolubly connected to business development and assistance to domestic economy growth. Developing the high-tech projects and services in Oil & Gas sector of engineering services, the institute promotes development of Kazakh innovation economy and its diversification in conditions of the global competition.
The social responsibility of KING reflects the interaction of institute and society both in internal and external spheres.
The internal direction of the social responsibility of institute is connected to increasing of living standards and development of its employees' creative potential, regulation of the institute activity influence on an environment. The Integrated Management System (IMS), including the Quality Management System, Ecological Management System and Health and Safety System is introduced into the institute, which has passed certified audit according to the requirements of the standards ISO 9001, IS014001 and specification OHSAS 18001.
The external direction is connected with qualitative projects implementation directed on the development of education, culture, sports, public health services, support of vulnerable class, development of small and medium business. One of the largest projects implemented by KING is the formation of the scientific business infrastructure support - designing and construction of "Naukograd" technopolis. In the technopolis's structure three basic directions of activity will develop, mutually supplementing each other: education, engineering and innovation activity. The creation of "Naukograd" technopolis will promote the industrial-innovation development of Republic of Kazakhstan in Oil & Gas industry. "Naukograd" project assumes the creation of specialized complex of the world level meeting the
modern functional and qualitative requirements by means of integration of education, science and engineering of Oil & Gas industry in "Naukograd" technopolis with maximum utility of synergetic effect for:
•    staff training and retraining for the group of companies of NC "KazMunayGas" JSC and Oil & Gas industry of Republic of Kazakhstan within CSCS state development program;
•    scientific-research and innovation development of the group of companies of NC "KazMunayGas" JSC and Oil & Gas industry of Republic of Kazakhstan;
•    assistance to industrial-innovation development of Republic of Kazakhstan in Oil & Gas industry;
•    creation of a strong basis in Oil & Gas industry for entrance of Republic of Kazakhstan in 50 most competitive states of the world;
•    social welfare and increase of living standards of human resources of the country according to the annual message of the Chief of State to the population of Republic of Kazakhstan.
The implementation of this project will ensure qualitative growth of the local qualified personnel; will speed up development and introduction of new applied scientific and technical development, which will allow qualitatively increasing the Kazakh share in added value of the large projects.