KazTransGaz: towards a sustainable development

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03.02.2009 00:09
KazTransGaz, a member of the national holding company KazMunayGas, is said to be one of the youngest and promising companies in the international gas market. Over the past eight years, is has made progress in gas conveyance sector, brought some order to the gas sector of Kazakhstan, undertaken projects to repair and renovate main gas lines.
Presently, KazTrans-Gaz is a critical and integral part of Kazakhstan's economy with firm presence in the domestic market. The KazTransGaz group of companies has major goals to achieve; the primary goals is to ensure reliable gas supplies to domestic and foreign consumers, to extend the existing gas conveyance system, and to establish the company's presence in new markets. The government has set clear-cut long-term objectives for the company to accomplish. We have all we need to successfully perform the goals: highly skilled and ambitious staff, serious investment potential, strong and steadily increasing stock of capital assets. This means that Kazakhstan's gas conveyance arteries will continue to provide for an effective functioning of the country's growing economy.
Yesenali Usenov,
General Director, KazTransGaz
KazTransGaz was established in accordance with the Ordinance of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan N 173 of 5 February 2000. On 9 June 2004, under the Joint Stock Companies Act of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the company's name was changed for Joint-stock Company KazTransGaz.
The company holds a certificate of incorporation N 13898-1901 -JSC of 9 June 2004 issued by the
Astana Department of Justice. The company is 100% owned by National Company KazMunayGas (sole shareholder).
KazTransGaz is a member of the vertically integrated government-owned holding company JSC National Company KazMunayGas, which is one of the largest oil and gas companies in Kazakhstan. KazTransGaz controls the country's 11,000-km main network of conveyance gas lines with the annual capacity up to 190 billion cubic meters, and owns 26 compressor plants accommodating 308 gas compressor units, and 3 underground gas storage facilities.
KazTransGaz comprises companies which produce, transport and sell gas and its derivatives, generate and distribute electricity and heat, and servicing companies, all of which constitute a group of companies.
Presently, KTG owns a main gas conveyance system, regional distribution gas lines in six regions, shares in domestic energy companies. The company is also engaged in foreign projects whereby developing its gas conveyance system and extending its market presence.
The KazTransGaz group includes:
•    Amangeldy Gaz LLP - produces and processes gas from Amangeldinsky gas condensate field;
•    Intergaz Central Asia JSC - operates a main gas conveyance line;
•    KyrKazGaz LLC (a joint venture with Kyrgyz-Gas JSC) - operates and maintains the main gas line Bukhara gas bearing region-Tashkent-Bishkek-Almaty located in Kyrgyz Republic;
•    KazTransGaz Aimak JSC - retail seller of natural gas to companies, organizations and households in regions of the republic, supplies
gas to households and industrial companies through distribution networks;
•    KazTransGaz Almaty JSC - management of gas and gas distribution companies in Almaty and Almaty Region;
•    KazTransGaz-Tbilisi LLC - supplies gas to Tbilisi;
•    KazTransGaz LNG LLP - refines and processes natural gas from Zhanazhol field for customers in Aktobe;
•    Almaty Power Consolidated JSC - produces, conveys, distributes and sells electricity and heat;
•    Asian Gas-line LLP - transportation of natural gas from Turkmenistan to China through Kazakhstan.
Understanding the significance of our services to communities and for the country's economic and social well-being, KazTransGaz is fully committed to its corporate and civil duty. While performing its obligations to the sole shareholder, NC KazMunayGas, employees, business partners and communities, the company strictly adheres to the existing laws and regulations.