III KazEnergy Eurasian Energy Forum

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03.02.2009 00:28
One of the most anticipated events - the III KazEnergy Eurasian Energy Forum - is to be held in September 2008 in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana city.
It may be said without exaggeration that the Eurasian Energy Forum has become a new landmark in development of fuel and energy complex of the country. For the first time, an attempt was made to establish a constructive dialogue, to identify the problems of growth, and to outline the perspectives of further development.
September 2006, when the I KazEnergy Forum was held, became the starting point for ideological restructuring of enterprises of Kazakhstani fuel and energy complex, which later became the basis for development of new philosophic approaches to development, mutually satisfactory to society, authorities and business. The representatives of authority, scientists, heads of the largest enterprises of oil-gas and energy sector, and foreign experts were granted by an opportunity to discuss and give an answer to the question regarding the development trends of new projects and the ways to progress of Kazakhstani oil and gas complex.

forum3.jpgIt is KazEnergy that has become a dialogue platform which allows to have an equal conversation without avoiding the most problematic issues. "First economy - then politics!" - these words of the President of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev could have become a slogan of the Eurasian Energy Forum. Having showed the initiative to carry out the forum, KazEnergy Association has chosen for itself a complicated mission to consolidate all experts in oil-gas and energy industry, and become a force determining the further development vector. It should not be reminded that it is oil and gas sector that plays the role of "locomotive" of economy of Kazakhstan. On this basis, the forum serves the aim set by the head of the state, particularly, to Kazakhstan's entering the level of the most competitive countries of the world.

But such a challenge should be preceded by an analysis of starting conditions. Indeed, one of the critical elements of each Ka-zEnergy Forum is practical implementation of the outcome of debates and discussions to ensure the sustained development of Kazakhstan's oil and gas complex. This goal is being served by the calling of the Forum.
In fact, first and second KazEnergy Forums that were held in 2006 and in 2007 respectively, became the most noticeable congress events in Kazakhstan, devoted to specialized discussions on oil, gas and energy. Moreover, experts converge at the thought that the KazEnergy Forum has already moved out from national format, and gains features of the largest regional event. Confirmation of this is a thematic scope of forum2.jpgForum sessions, that includes discussions not only about national oil&gas and energy complex development, social responsibility and ecological issues, but also the most acute and urgent global problems that are somehow related to energy, oil and gas. Traditionally, by collecting famous Kazakhstani and foreign politicians, experts and businessmen, among which are heads of ministries and institutions, top management of the world's largest oil and gas companies and national development institutions, forums provide the establishment of an effective dialogue platform, which allows participants not only to develop business relations, but to bring together positions between Kazakh energy market participants, government bodies and nongovernmental public associations. Indeed, Kazakhstan's breakthrough to new world markets can be achieved only through joint activity of the state and business community. For this reason, government bodies such as the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, and the Administration of the President of Kazakhstan, as well as leading oil and energy companies provide direct support to Forums. Forum has allowed to create an additional practical impulse for development of Kazakhstan oil&gas and energy sector. It could be proven by Memorandums, approved in the end of each Forum, that include a wide complex of practical recommendations and way-outs for problem nods.
forum1.jpgFor instance, I Energy Forum gave the possibility to establish Interagency Committee on development of oil&gas and energy complex that became a regular organ to support progress in Kazakhstan energy with representation of state ministries and agencies, domestic and foreign business. Great attention has been drawn to practical steps towards improving of ecology situation, strengthening of business social responsibility, Kazakhstan joining to WTO and many other important issues.
It can be said with certainty that the Forum has proven to be an advanced investment ground that fosters an investment openness of Kazakhstan in a real way. Just thanks to that fact a foreign representation in KazEnergy Forums is exceptionally high, moreover interest and commitments are spread both among foreign business and expert society. The fact that KazEnergy Forums evoke considerable and unbiased interest from foreign business circles is a direct consequence of the grown authority of Kazakhstan as a leading oil&gas actor in the global scale, along with a real increase of an investment attractiveness of the republic, which became brightly apparent in recent years. In his last forum welcoming speech the Prime-minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has reasonably noted that the Republic of Kazakhstan, being a full member of the international community and global economy, was one of the centers of sustainable and stable development, especially in energy sphere. That is an impartial ground that is recognized both by state leadership and domestic and foreign investors.
Summing up, the Third Eurasian energy forum, without doubts, will be one more step in the process of establishment and consolidation of fruitful business contacts which give opportunity to successfully develop oil&gas and energy sector of Kazakhstan further.