Windy city of Fire country: Achievements and Drama of the World Cup in Baku

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altby Talgat Isenov

Two silver, two bronze medals and fve Olympic tickets. this is the result of performance of Kazakhstani team in boxing at the main start of the bien-nium - the World Championship held in baku. Superiority of the world this year was licensed for the Olympic Games in london, and therefore brought together the cream of world boxing.

Unfortunately, the winners of individual champion ship of the World Series of Boxing-WSB, who already qualifed for the Olympics
(our Kanat Abutalipov was among them, acting in the weight category of 56 kg), did not come to the ring of Azerbaijani capital. But despite their absence, it did not prevent the 16th World Championship to become a record both in terms of alleged fghters and in terms of participating countries: 570 fghters from 113 countries came to Baku. Nine of our hopes were among them: the world champion, bronze medalist Birzhan Zhakipov (49 kg), bronze medalist of Asian Olzhas Sattybayev (52 kg), winner of the Asian Games Daniyar Eleussinov (60 kg), vice-captain Zhaylauov Ghani (64 kg ), two-time world champion Serik Sapi-yev (69 kg), multiple winners of Kazakhstan championships Danabek Suzhanov (75 kg) and Adilbek Niyazymbetov (81 kg), the Asian champion Vassily Levit (91 kg), Asian Games silver medalist Ivan Dychko (over 91 kg).


The day before the start of fghting, an extraordinary congress of the International Boxing Association (AIBA), on which our country was represented by Vice-Presidents of Boxing Federation of Kazakhstan Yuri Tskhai and Serik Konakbayev, Chief of Staff of the Federation Bekzhan Bektenov was held. The main theme of the meeting -a new program of AIBA – APB launched in summer during the World Junior Championship in Astana. It will allow boxers to be performed both at professional and amateur boxing ring, in particular, at the Olympics. Moreover, after London Olympic Games helmets will be removed from the equipment of present amateur boxers. Thus, if in the past an athlete had to choose between money and the Olympics, now he can combine with one another.
The performance of Kazakhstan national team began with a defeat: one of the most experienced team members Birzhan Zhaki-pov lost in his frst battle to Cuban Veitia. However, despite his troubles, our team scored a good tournament course, and before the second round began we did not lose anybody else. In 1 / 16 of fnals Irishman Michael Konlan won Olzhas Sattybayev, thus, our team was left without any lightweight at the World Cup. However, the rest of the Kazakh fghters were confdent with their rivals, especially Serik Sapiyev and Adilbek Niyazymbetov. Boxing performance of both was very impressing, and if the captain of the Kazakh team was accustomed to fght in such a manner even with so promising fghters like Apichet Saenz, then it was not expected for the world championships debutant Niyazymbetov to show such a brilliant performance, although his outstanding potential is already known. Thus, Adilbek very easily and confdently defeated the current  champion of Asia Hongku Kim from South Korea.
In 1 / 8 of fnals, unfortunately, another Ka-zakhstani fghter ended his way on the tournament: Daniyar Eleussinov quite unexpectedly lost Hungarian Gil Keith. But the next battle was successfully passed by Adilbek Niyazymbetov, which by impressive blow to the liver knockouted Colombian Varela. Our heavyweight Ivan Dychko revenged a silver medalist of the Beijing Olympic Games Zhang Zhiley from China for all the past wrongs (like the Asian Games fnal of 2010). In the quarterfnals the bitterness of defeat strucks another two our fghters - Danabek Suzhanov lost to Brazilian Eskive Falcao, Vasiliy Levit - to Chinese Xuan Xuan Wang. However, Serik Sapieyv, Adilbek Niyazym-betov, Ghani Zhaylauov and Ivan Dychko won their matches and became winners of the World Cup. The latter three fghters be-came the world championship medalists for the frst time in their careers, as for Sapiyev it was the fourth time in a row that he takes the world championships awards. On the total number of fnalists, we gave way only to the Ukrainian team that had one more fghter.
Ghani Zhaylauov, the frst of Kazakhstan fghters to protect the honor of our coun-try in the semifnals, eventually satisfed a "bronze" medal.
His opponent - Cuban Yasner Toledo has proved: it is not in vain that he is a representative of one of the best schools of boxing in the world. Ghani was trying to do everything to win, in the frst round struggling with Cuban on a collision course, but he missed three times - 2:6.
In the second three minutes Toledo made the result of battle. Yasner, having caught the winning wave, coolly made the attack, and,
more importantly that he counter-attacked very effciently and effectively. Zhaylauov missed quite unnecessary shocks, and after the second round the score was already 13:5 in favor of Cuban.
Tactically "running away" in the third round, Yasner scored another eight points and fnished the match with a score of 21:9. Ivan Dychko also failed to win his opponent in his semi-fnal - a future world champion Azerbaijani Magomedrassul Medzhidov. Ivan won Medzhidov here in Azerbaijan two years ago at the "Silk Road" international tournament. However, as we know, there are two big differences between the WT and WC.
Thus, only two Kazakhstani fghters Serik Sapiyev and Adilbek Niyazymbetov were to see the decisive battle. The possibilities of Serik are well known for all of us, but Adil-bek became the discovery of event in Azerbaijan. Two years ago, being a champion of Kazakhstan, he was in the national team, but the injury of the eye did not allow him to perform at a high level. However, this year Niyazymbetov although not formally being the number one of the team – not being the current champion of the republic - showed good results and "reanimated" again by a mentor of team Aitzhanov got a chance to go to the championship of the world. And he did not disappoint us. Adilbek showed very con-fdent boxing, and in the semifnals it was not anyone else, but the world champion from Uzbekistan Elshoda Rassulov to battle with him.
... There are moments when, even without being on the ring, you feel like a boxer. All those Kazakhstani people who were present during the match of Serik Sapiev in the hall of Baku Sport Complex felt themselves as in the ring. They felt the whole spirit of the national team captain. All of his desire to win. And then began to feel the entire defense obstruction of Ukrainian Taras Shelestyuk. The desire of Serik to change the course of match. Despair, because it does not work.
And the bitterness of defeat. He intended to take this "gold" and prove to anybody that he is worthy of a better again. It must be said: in a match with the Cuban Julio La Cruz, our fghter was not "worthy" of defeat with the score that the judges put in the end - 13:17. In our subjective opinion, Adilbek probably did not deserve defeat at all. At the frst, the second, and especially the third round Niyazymbetov showed boxing, by which he hated rivals in the previous matches. He worked well with his hands, kept a distance, answered by kicking back, and even yielding the score was able to fnd the strength to impose Cuban fghter with his fght in the fnal round. But judges recorded 4-4 in the frst three minutes, 8:4 in favor of La Cruz in the second, and 5:5 in the latter. Recall that Niyazymbetov is the world championship debutant, and in the third round, when many newcomers pass, our fghter, by contrast, seemed preferable to Cuban fghter running from him around the ring. However, the bill will not change, and Niyazymbetov received a silver award, although he could celebrate the championship.
The frst team place at the World Championships was given to Ukrainians that won four gold medals. Samostiynaya Ukrainian team which usually takes only one award of higher dignity (for comparison: Kazakhstan took six of them) on the world champion-ships, this time proved that they have not only Vassily Lomachenko, although at the moment he is the best amateur boxer of the Earth. Of course, an experience of brilliant performance of the Ukrainian team and the secrets of their training (the emphasis on power and endurance components) is worthy of close study. But it does not mean that we should betray our boxing, for which aggression and technicality Kazakhs earned the "Asian Cubans" nickname even in the 90s.



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