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Republican Specialized Physics and mathematics boarding School for Gifted Students named after O.Zhautykov is known as a leading educational institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan which provides high quality education.

Founded in 1972 as an equiv-alent to the most prestigious physics-mathematics boarding schools of the former USSR, the school aimed to reveal and support gifted students from all the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The biggest contribution to the foundation and devel-opment of the school that is widely known as Fizmat was made by the brightest scientists-mathematicians, particularly by academic O.Zhautykov, after whom the school has been named since 1990. The school has successfully overcome dif-fculties of transition period, being able to keep the best traditions of the past, as well as implement and develop the new ones and through that give a positive impulse to educating the best representatives of Kazakh-stani society.
More than 6 thousand people were graduated from the school for almost 40 years of its existence. A large number of the school  graduates have become bright politicians, promising scientists and successful businessmen, innovators in their feld, excel at peculiar corporative spirit. Among them: K. Masimov (Prime-Minister of Kazakhstan), T. Kulibayev, K.Kelimbetov, E.Kaliyev, B.Sultanov, N.Kapparov, E.Dosayev, K.Kozhamzharov, S.Nurgisayev and others. Such people as A.Dzhumadildayev, E.Aryn, F.Kuanganov, I.Beisembetov, A.Kusainov, U.Umirbayev, N.Temirbekov and others have made a signifcant input to the development of national science and education. The success of school’s graduates seems connected to both the highest quality of its education and the vast demand for them that come into play after graduation.
New generation of graduates demonstrates the same level of ambitions and determi-nation in realizing their full potential. The vast majority of them have become successful students of the top national and international universities.
The school initiates various projects, which are successfully put into effect. The projects include organization and realization of International Zhautykov Olympiad, Republican Contest “FizMat”, City Contest named after Zhautykov for Teachers, City Olympiad named after Zhautykov for Students and also an edition of republican scientifc magazine “FizMat”.
Since recent years the school having achieved a huge progress in educating gifted students has taken up a dominating position in the system of secondary education of Kazakhstan.