Zhersu Metal -the market leader on steelworks in Kazakhstan

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altThe uniqueness and manufacturability
The plant started its activity in 2008. Over a relatively short period of time the company has achieved excellent operating results with signifcant potential for further sustainable growth.

At present Zhersu Metal is one of the largest manufacturers of metal structures in Kazakhstan. Production capacity is about 20 thousand tons of fnished products per year. There are appropriate licenses for design, manufacture and CAR of metal structures Important distinctive feature of the company is a clear orientation to the best international experience and the latest technological developments in feld of designing and manufacture of metal structures. This al-lows us to successfully compete with foreign manufacturers of similar products and keep abreast with international standards. In particular, on the stage of realization of the plant project leading brands such as Italian FICEP, German Weber Ko Mechanics, Russian «Protection of Metals» LLP and «FMP» SPE were involved as consultants. This step allowed us to build the optimal technological process and select production equipment best suited for long-term development of the plant.
By the current moment the plant is equipped with modern, even unique for the practice of Kazakhstan highly productive automatic lines and CNC equipment of leading world manufacturers.
The plant has highly qualifed, experienced engineering and technical staff totaling 150 people. Specialists for servicing high-tech equipment have been trained at foreign factories, including factories of manufacturing frms. For example, workers have passed long internship on the production facilities of the FICEP company. Nevertheless, Zhersu Metal is making active efforts to further enhance the professional level of employees. Much attention is paid to social support of workers, creation of optimal conditions for
work. Of course, the positive effect of this contributes signifcantly to the success of the enterprise.
Equipment for production details out of the corners, channels, joists, corner plates was supplied by FICEP; equipment for cutting and bending of sheet metal - by German Dr.Hochstrate etc.
The plant is the only company in Central Asia and CIS that have a complete set of lines of CNC FICEP. Also, the company has its own design bureau. This level of technical equipment allows us to solve a full range of production problems, from designing up to the direct production of highquality fnished products.

The quality and competitiveness
Basic direction of activity of the plant is production of metal poles for power transmission lines of 35-1150 kV and equipment for transformer substations. The company offers a wide range of products. The plant produces steel structures for industrial and civil construction, steel structures for cellular and television communications, residential and industrial buildings, equipment for ftting out roads and railways and many other things. In general, Zhersu Metal production covers the needs of electricity, oil & gas, road construction, communication and other enterprises that actively use the metal constructions in their activities. The Company considers the quality of products as an important competitive advantage that allows expanding of market presence. Because of this, from the very beginning of activity of the plant the course was taken on testing advanced methods of ensuring high quality of manufactured production that meets the needs of all customers. In particular, the plant has successfully implemented the international quality management system ISO 9001-2009. It is also important that the company entered into a registry of domestic producers of National Welfare Fund «Samruk-Kazyna», that is a confrmation of the high assessment of their products.

The quality of applicable in the manufacture structures and materials is confrmed by a compliance certifcate from the manufacturer on each lot. In particular, metal suppliers are selected on the principle of quality conformity of raw materials, working in a system of compliance of QMS ISO. The main suppliers of metal are the companies that have recommended themselves on the world market. Among them: Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine, West-Siberian metallurgical combine, Novokuznetsk metallurgical combine, «Evrazholding» Trading House. At the same time, priority in choosing a supplier is given for domestic companies: «KazFerroStal» LLP and the trading house «Karmet». Careful monitoring of the quality of products is carried out by department on quality control upon an organization standard of ST LLP 40964908-01-2007. Also Zhersu Metal constantly provides a feedback to customers and suppliers with the aim of uninterrupted incoming control of raw materials. Now, due to the active work of «Zhersu Metal », the plant is characterized as a leading enterprise with high-tech modern production. The largest national companies of Kazakhstan, such as «KEGOC» JSC, «Kazakhtelecom» JSC, «KazakhstanTemirZholy» JSC, «Atyrau Zharyk» JSC, «Seldenkorgau Kurylys» RSCE have become the major customers of the plant's products. Not wishing to stop on reached, the «Zhersu Metal» JSC plant is planning a signifcant expansion of production in 2012-2013. In particular, it is planned to install hot-dip galvanizing plant.