From a village towards a real metropolis

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09.10.2011 17:00

A have a double sensation: I am a character in the Star Trek movie, on a strange planet, and I am having a virtual tour of a future real estate project. I have already seen sky-scrapers, but nor a single city with such kind of buildings was able to give a sensation of relax. For example, in Frankfurt all enormous blocks seem to fall on you and the crowd suffocates you. Here everything is airy, the streets are wide and the spaces between the buildings – very big.      

A friend asked me to bring him a small stone form below and it was quite difficult for me to find one during the three days I spent in Astana. That’s because the urban landscape discipline here does not allow such omissions. I have to confess that a didn’t expect such proof of “occidentalism”, nevertheless I suspected that I will have a surprise and that the myth with Tatars, living in tents and racing on camels is already out-of-date.         

Astana, a word that in the local language means “capital”, has became the institutional center of Kazakhstan in 1997, six years after the proclamation of independence from the former Soviet Union. “It was a small village here before”, Olga is telling me, a young woman from Astana.