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KAZENERGY Association along with Shell Kazakhstan reported that, in accordance with the stages of the implementation of Students Energy Challenge, the submitted video clips of the teams have been evaluated.

According to the results of the evaluation of the submitted video clips, the following teams pass to the next stage of the competition:
  1. Wind of Change Nazarbayev University;
  2. Innovation WKATU Zhangir Khan West Kazakhstan Agrarian-Technical University;
  3. Geothermal Energy Group (GeoEG) Nazarbayev University;
  4. Dream Team Kazakh-British Technical University;
  5. Thunder Al-Farabi Kazakh National University;
  6. EITI K.Satpayev Ekibastuz Engineering Technical Institute
  7. EcoTeam Kostanay State University named after A.Baitursynov;
  8. 24 ELEMENT K. Zhubanov Aktobe Regional State University;
  9. FEOGI Kazakh-British Technical University;
  10. QazTechAutomatics Karaganda State Technical University;
  11. OxyGEN K.Satpayev Ekibastuz Engineering Technical Institute
  12. Pokolenie Eko Yessenov University
  13. Fam Kazakh-British Technical University
The fourth stage will be held in Nur-Sultan on July 1-2, 2019, where 13 teams will participate in the Shell NXplorers training on the development of critical thinking skills.

In order to help teams prepare quality project work, in August of this year, it is planned to hold a master class in the format of a webinar “Creating an effective presentation” with the participation of business coach from the Ernst&Young Academy of Business.

We remind you that the winners will receive prizes (up to USD 18,000) from Shell Kazakhstan.

The organizers thank all the teams that took part in the third stage of the competition and invite 13 teams to submit their project proposals to the experts in accordance with the Regulations on the Competition until July 22 of this year. The teams will defend their projects on September 23-24 of this year during the XI KAZENERGY Youth Forum (registration is on the website www.kazenergyforum.com, participation is free of charge). The teams will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their projects to the participants of the Youth Forum.

Good luck!

«Dear friends, on behalf of the Association and on my own behalf, I am sincerely glad to welcome all participants of the «Student Energy Challenge» competition. Organization of the competition is very important for us, in the aspect of developing the human capital as one of the significant areas of our activities. I am convinced that this event will permit us to take a fresh look at the development of intellectual skills among young talented students, increase students’ involvement in the process of successful work in the effective team interaction with their peers, exchange experience and demonstrate successfully their innovative developments in solving problems in the energy sector. We are grateful to the Shell for their cooperation. We hope that this project, the present forum, will be remembered by its content and interesting meetings, and will contribute to the promotion of promising ideas and initiatives».

Karabalin Uzakbay
Deputy Chairman of the KAZENERGY Association

«We are proud of our decision to initiate and to finance this competition in partnership with the KAZENERGY Association, since we believe that the future of power engineering is in the hands of the younger generation. They have great ideas, enthusiasm and deep understanding of the challenges faced by the planet and the society. The main one is the global energy dilemma. The quality of the project ideas that we received during the «Student Energy Challenge» was at a high level that demonstrated the talent of the new generation of Kazakhstan. We hope that the experience of taking part in this competition will encourage our participants and many others to develop their ideas and turn them into real solutions».

Olivier Lazar
Vice President and Chairman of Shell Kazakhstan

Partner in conducting webinars:


Booklet of the intellectual team competition «Student Energy Challenge», 2018
Booklet of the intellectual team competition «Student Energy Challenge», 2017

Question and answers on the “Student Energy Challenge” competition

1. How to register a team for the competition?
The team leader should register his/her team by March 31, 2019 at: www.kazenergyforum.com → Homepage → Registration → Complete personal data → select “Yes” for the question “Are you the Youth Forum participant?” → select “Yes” for the question “Are you a team leader?” → Next → Complete the registration form of the team participating in “Student Energy Challenge” competition.
2. How to register the team members for the competition?
The team members should register at: www.kazenergyforum.com → Homepage → Registration → Complete personal data → select “Yes” for the question “Are you the Youth Forum participant?” → select “Yes” → Next.
3. Are individuals allowed to participate?
No, only teams of 3-5 students may take part in the competition
4. May a team include the students of different specialties/years/universities?
Yes, any students may form a team that will represent one university.
5. Are the students of foreign universities allowed to participate in the competition?
No, the competition is targeted at the students of national technical universities.
6. Are employed specialists allowed to participate in the competition?
The competition is open for undergraduate and graduate students in order to ensure equal conditions for all teams.
7. Are there any age restrictions for participation in the competition?
The teams of students (undergraduate and graduate) aged from 18 to 29 are allowed to participate in the competition.
8. Are the students who are not citizens of Kazakhstan allowed to participate?
If the team member is a student of university of the Republic of Kazakhstan, then he/she may take part in the competition regardless of citizenship.
9. What are language requirements for the video resume?
Video resume may be submitted in any of three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English, but it should include a brief summary in Russian.
10. What are language requirements for the project passport?
Projects/solutions should be submitted in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.
11. Are the teams allowed to be assisted by their teachers (professors) and mentors in the project development?
The team should understand and recognize that the project submitted for the competition is a result of their work and/or research. It is permissible to get assistance of mentors for consultation only. Please be careful with plagiarism and include relevant quotations and references. If the organizers identify that the submitted application is not developed by the team, the team will be disqualified.
12. Who will have the intellectual property rights for the project/solution presented/developed during the competition?
The projects/solutions developed for the competition will remain the property of their authors.
13. Is it possible to extend the deadlines for the video resume submission?
The video resume submission deadline – May 2, 2019 (including that date), in this connection please note that it is necessary to timely register at: www.kazenergyforum.com → Registration or www.kazenergy.com → Activities → Educational program → Competition → Registration for the Forum and Competition.
14. What criteria will be used to evaluate the video resume?
Technical, design and content requirements to the video resume are available in the Regulation of the competition at: http://kazenergy.com/ru/operation/educational-program/140/1099/.
15. Who will evaluate the submitted video resume?
The qualification commission will be formed from among the representatives of the organizers (possibly state bodies and representatives of the Association member companies) to review video resumes submitted by the participating teams.
16. Who will judge the competition?
The panel of judges will be announced later. All members will be independent judges with relevant qualifications.
17. Will the travel expenses of the teams invited to defend the project be covered?
Yes, the organizers will cover the costs of return travel and accommodation in Astana for the period of the final stage of the competition.
18. Will the competition include additional events?
Yes, the training for critical thinking skills development “Shell NXplorers” in Astana, including the webinar (online training) for participating teams will be organized at the IV stage of the competition.
19. Will the travel expenses of 12 teams participating in the training for critical thinking skills development “Shell NXplorers” in Astana be covered?
Yes, the organizers will cover the costs of return travel and accommodation in Astana for the training period.
20. Is it necessary to participate in the webinar?
Yes, 1 point will be assigned for the full team participation in the webinar.
21. What if the full team is not able to participate in the final event held on September 26-27, 2019?
In this case, the team should inform the organizer on such a change as soon as possible. If the team is invited to defend the project/solution, at least 3 students – 2 team members and the leader - should represent the team.
22. If the team goes to the final stage and gets into the shortlist, is it allowed to invite friends and relatives to provide moral support during the project defense before the judges on September 26-27, 2019?
Yes, if your team gets into the competition shortlist, then the teams are allowed to invite their friends, relatives and/or teachers. In this case, the organizers should be informed in advance (it will be necessary to register; the information on such registration will be reported later).
23. Will it be possible for the competition participants to get a job or to undertake an internship at the organizing company, or at any other oil and gas company?
The “Student Energy Challenge” competition is not a process of selecting and hiring employees, and participation in it will not affect the assessment when hiring.
24. Is mentor’s participation required?
Mentor’s participation is welcome but not required.
25. What is the difference between a supervisor and a mentor?
A supervisor should be the teacher of the university represented by the team. A mentor should be outsourced.
26. Who will examine project passports?
The projects will be examined by independent experts.
27. What will depend on the project passport examination?
Following the results of the project passport examination, at the V stage, the Organizer will draw up a ranked list and select eight teams that have reached the competition semifinal to take part in the project defense in Astana.
28. At what stage to start creating a presentation video?
It is recommended to start the search for potential suppliers of visual creativity services to develop presentation videos in order to visualize the projects in accordance with the methodological recommendations (Annex No. 6 in the Regulation of the competition) at stage IV.
29. How many teams will be required to prepare a presentation video?
Eight teams that will reach the semifinal will be required to start the creation of their presentation videos (according to Annex No.6) from August 15, 2019 in order to visualize and focus the attention of judges on the key project details, presentation videos should be completed and submitted to Organizers by September 15, 2019.
30. Will the costs of creating a presentation video be covered?
Yes, the Organizers will cover the costs of creating a presentation video. For this, eight teams should provide the contacts of potential suppliers of visual creative services to KAZENERGY Organizer in order to conclude the Contract.
31. Who will create presentation videos?
The supplier of visual creativity services selected by the team to develop a presentation video.
32. What should be included in a presentation video?
A presentation video should demonstrate both the principles of device model operation and its design features (modeling objects, mechanisms, structures, environments, moving/stationary mechanisms, components, workflow, etc.), which facilitate the achievement of the specified project goals.
33. At what stage to start preparing project passports?
We advise to start preparing the project passport at the initial stages of the competition, as soon as the project topic is determined.