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Review of social responsibility
Kazenergy_29 11 2014_fina.png “The Social Responsibility of the Oil and Gas Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2012-2013" Review Review (hereinafter referred to as the "Review") was prepared by ALE "Kazakhstan Association of oil-gas and energy sector organizations “KAZENERGY” (hereinafter - KAZENERGY Association).
The purpose of the publication of the Review яis to inform a wide range of interested parties in Kazakhstan and abroad about the contribution of the Kazakh oil and gas industry to the country's sustainable development.
Key objectives of the Review:
1. Review of the main socio-economic and environmental indicators for the years of 2012-2013, characterizing Kazakhstan's oil and gas industry in the context of sustainable development;
2. Review of the best practices of SR of oil and gas companies in 2012-2013;
3. Assessment of the contribution of the oil and gas industry to the socio-economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
4. Interviews with heads of oil and gas companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan on SR matters;
5. Recommendations for management improvement in the field of SR.