1) Since 2014, the Association has received about 450 amendments to the Tax Code from the Association members, which have been analyzed and submitted to state bodies for consideration.
As a result of joint and fruitful work with ministries and the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, more than 80 amendments have been introduced to the Tax Code over this period.

2) A large-scale reform of the subsoil users taxation system was carried out during the drafting of the new Tax Code in 2017. As a result of this work, the new Tax Code:
  • abolished the commercial discovery bonus from 2019, which allowed subsoil users to save up to 3.7 billion tenge per year;
  • introduced the right to apply an alternative tax on subsurface use for offshore and ultra-deep deposits (instead of the payment for reimbursement of historical costs, rent tax, mineral extraction tax and excess profit tax);
  • allowed deduction of exploration costs (25% per year) at the production stage in case of successful and unsuccessful exploration – savings of up to 60 million tenge per year in the form of CIT and EPT for subsoil users;
  • governed the definition of revenues from oil exports based on the actual selling price (if the global oil price is below cost) – savings of up to 10 billion tenge per year in the period of low global prices;
  • envisaged the definition of revenues from the sale of sour gas based on the actual selling price (in case of selling sour gas to the national operator under the pre-emptive right of the state) – savings of up to 2.5 billion tenge per year;
  • allowed deduction of employee training costs at actual costs.

The following activities have also been undertaken:
  • pegging the rates of export customs duties on crude oil and light oil products to global oil prices. Previously, the rates were fixed;
  • approval of the Pricing Rules (methodology) for exported crude oil and gas condensate;
  • approval of the Pricing Rules (methodology) for goods produced from oil;
  • settlement of taxation issues related to burning technological volumes of oil during oil refining;
  • zeroing of excise duty rates for oil product exports;
  • ongoing participation in the development of regulations envisaged by the tax legislation.
Current major initiatives of the Association are:
to develop measures for fiscal stimulation of the development of mature as well as gas and gas condensate fields;
to improve the taxation procedure for hydrocarbon production taking into account the situation in global markets.
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