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The KAZENERGY Association was established on November 2, 2005 with the aim of supporting the development of entrepreneurship in the oil and gas sector. The Association has united 64 companies operating in the oil and gas industry, as well as in the electric power and the nuclear industries. The goal of KAZENERGY Association is to promote the sustainable and balanced development of the energy industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan (oil & gas, electric power) in the context of changing priorities in energy and environmental policy globally and in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Legislation activity
Among the most important tasks of the Association are participation in the rulemaking process and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the members of the Association in state bodies. The relevant powers of the Association are stipulated in its Charter, accreditation in ministries, participation with the right to vote in the work of the interdepartmental commission on legislative activity under the Government, and also by official attraction of similar functions implementation of "Atameken" National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the oil-gas and energy sectors. Employees of the Association in continuous mode participate in the development and examination of all draft legislative and by-laws affecting the interests of its members. The Association timely informs them about important (forthcoming) changes in the legislation, brings to the state bodies the opinion and problems of the companies, if necessary, organizes a platform for direct dialogue with state bodies. Priority issues of the legal activity of the Association are improvement of legislative regulation and law enforcement practice of state bodies in the areas of subsoil use, taxation, environmental protection, etc.

Ecological activity
The Association takes part in the work on the improvement of environmental legislation, develops a unified position of the members of the Association - enterprises of the oil and gas and energy complex in improving the legislative and regulatory framework of nature management in cooperation with state bodies, and also represents the positions of the members of the association in solving environmental problems . The Association promotes the development and implementation of environmentally friendly, resource-saving technologies in the country, creating conditions for the sustainable development of the Kazakhstani economy in the long term.

Taxation activity 
The Association, within the framework of taxation, assists the members of the Association in introducing amendments to the legislation in order to create a level of tax burden, an adequate state of development of the economic situation.

The Association participates in working groups under the Ministry of National Economy of the RoK: on improving current taxation; decrease in the tax burden on subsoil users of the Republic of Kazakhstan; on tax policy in subsoil use. Also, the Association is considering conceptual changes in the fiscal part within the framework of the Subsoil Code draft. The task of the tax activity of the Association is to reduce the current tax burden on subsoil users in order to stimulate the allocation of released funds for geological exploration.

Activities in the oil-gas and energy sectors
The Association participates in the discussion, monitoring and preparation of proposals on regulating the development of the oil-gas and energy industries, in the formation of proposals and policy documents for the Government of the RoK and the development of a unified position of the members of the Association on oil and gas issues. It also conducts permanent work within the framework of collegial bodies: the committees under the "Atameken"NCE RK, coordination and scientific and technical advice for making specific decisions in the development of the industry.

International activity 
Within the framework of international cooperation, KAZENERGY protects the interests of its members in contacts with international companies, organizations and associations, as well as with their representatives, including within the framework of international organizations of which the Association is a member; establishes contacts and interacts with international organizations on the priority areas of cooperation for the Association; promotes the positive international image of the oil-gas and energy industries of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the Association; carries out the functions of the Association as the Secretariat of the National Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the World Petroleum Council, coordinates the activities of the National Committee of Kazakhstan under the World Energy Council, as well as the International Energy Forum and the International Energy Agency; represents the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the negotiation process of the Energy Charter at the request of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Development of human capital
The Association participates in the development of international standards of training and retraining of personnel, qualification requirements for specialists within the framework of activities for the development of human capital. It participates in the creation of a system of independent certification of qualifications of specialists; in the development of a list of targeted educational programs, projects and facilitates their implementation; in discussion of legislative initiatives concerning the development of the education system in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Also the Association forms proposals for the development of the education system in the Republic of Kazakhstan; supports initiatives in the field of social responsibility of business; organizes research on the needs of the oil and gas and energy complex in human resources; supports and participates in the implementation of youth projects.

Educational program
Within the framework of the KAZENERGY Educational Program, grants and scholarships are provided to students and undergraduates of higher education institutions, students of colleges, teachers and masters of industrial training in the profile specialties of the VET institutions.

One of the most authoritative and recognizable brands of the Association was the KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum . The forum is organized under the auspices of KAZENERGY and is held every year since 2006, eight forums have taken place during this time, in which leading domestic and foreign representatives of the oil-gas and energy industries, famous world politicians took part. KAZENERGY Forum came out for the format of the national event, and increasingly reinforces the international status. Based on the results of the forums, recommendations and decisions were developed that made it possible to intensify the sectoral dialogue, ensure the stability of the development of the oil-gas and energy complex, and strengthen international cooperation.

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