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For many Kazakhstan companies today the shift to social investments is a strategically focused and long-term policy which brings mutual benefits to all stakeholders.
One of the priority policies of Kazakhstan Association of Oil-Gas and Energy Sector Organizations “KAZENERGY” is to support specialized and other scientific advisory and educational organizations and institutions.

With a view to developing this area, KAZENERGY Association established the Coordinating Committee for Education and Personnel in December 2006 to determine the roles, responsibilities and participation of employers in organizing the process of competitive personnel training, development of proposals to improve the quality of training.
In order to implement basic tasks of the Coordinating Committee, such as participation in the discussion of legislative initiatives concerning the development of the educational system and youth projects implementation support, the Association has developed KAZENERGY Educational Program.

Development of technical and vocational education

The aim of KAZENERGY Association in the development of technical and vocational education is focused on direct involvement and participation of oil-and-gas and energy sector public organizations and companies in the implementation of existing government programs.
In November2007, KAZENERGY Association and the Ministry of Education and Science signed a Memorandum on cooperation in the field of personnel training for the oil-and-gas and energy sector.

Within the framework of the Memorandum, KAZENERGY Association participated in drafting the Kazakhstan State Program of Technical and Vocational Education Development for 2008-2012, which was signed by the #626 Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of July 1, 2008. In addition, there are a number of planned activities, including participation in the development and implementation of accreditation standards of technical and vocational education programs in line with international practice, assessment of the network of institutions of technical and vocational education based on the demands of the labor market and population in training programs and many others.

KAZENERGY Association is currently a member of the working group on drafting the State Program of Education Development until 2020.
As part of KAZENERGY Educational Program, the Association conducted a comprehensive assessment of technical and vocational education institutions which train personnel for oil-and-gas and energy sector in Aktobe, Atyrau, West Kazakhstan and Mangystau regions.
Following the results of the assessment of vocational schools and colleges, the Association developed a work plan, which provides for measures aimed at supporting the development of technical and vocational education system. To up lift the image of vocational schools and colleges, the Association is working on selecting the best students and providing them with practice and placement.
From March 2008, KAZENERGY Association started paying scholarships to students of vocational schools and colleges, having "good" and "excellent" marks in special fields, thus stimulating them to a greater professional self-fulfillment.

Projects of KAZENERGY Educational Program

I. Premium Project – pilot (2007-2008y.)
The Premium Project has become a sort of "a full-rehearsal" of KAZENERGY Educational Program.
The work on the project started in September 2006.Students from 4 leading industry-specific universities of the country took part in the scientific papers competition for KAZENERGY Scholarship.
The main criteria for selecting students included high academic achievements, active participation in scientific research and successful traineeship.
In May 2007, KAZENERGY Scholarships were awarded to the university students who successfully passed all selection stages and were recognized as the winners of KAZENERGY Educational Program, within the framework of the joint conference with the Union of Power Engineers.
2008 Convention of KAZENERGY Scholarship Holders was a logical culmination of the pilot premium project of KAZENERGY Educational Program, where the Association held a ceremony honoring the best scholarship holders of the Educational Program.

The subsequent projects of the Educational Program suggest a wider involvement of future industry professionals, as well as wider opportunities to identify innovative, breakthrough ideas, potentially useful for the economic development of Kazakhstan. Participants of the Association’s open competitions for special scholarships and grants can be students, undergraduates and graduate students, doctoral students, scientific workers, faculty members and industry practitioners.

II. Scholarship Project – long-term: :
The aim of the project is to identify the most talented youth in the universities, research institutions, and its involvement in innovative business and scientific research, particularly, for the work in Kazakhstan's oil-and-gas and energy sector enterprises/organizations.
It is an open competition of innovative research and practice papers among students, undergraduates and graduate students of Kazakhstan universities, which train specialists for the oil-and-gas and energy sector, for a special KAZENERGY scholarship.

III. Grant Project – long-term:
An open competition of specific projects that are useful and relevant for the oil-and-gas and energy industry among students, undergraduates, graduate students, doctoral students, researchers, and industry practitioners for getting KAZENERGY specific grants with the purposes of implementation of these projects, on-the-job training in Kazakhstan, and research.
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