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Coordination and assistance to the effective achievement of national growth points in the development of which the energy community participates, promoting the sustainable development of the oil and gas and energy complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan and creating favorable conditions for the activities of the members of the Association through the organization of a dialogue between all industry participants.

Enhancing the role of KAZENERGY Association in the implementation of the strategic objectives by continuing to engage in a dialogue between business and government, to balance the interests of the state and the energy companies.

Tasks; Strategies
  1. Coordination of activities of members of the association to solve problems:
    • geological prospecting and intensification of oil and gas production;
    • transportation of oil and gas;
    • refining of petroleum, petrochemistry, marketing of oil and oil products;
    • development of electric power, alternative and renewable energy sources;
    • development of nuclear energy and industry.
  2. Assistance in the development of infrastructure projects which are important for ensuring regional energy security.
  3. Stimulation of innovative and technological development of the industry.
  4. Support for sectoral programs for the development of local content.
  5. Introduction of advanced methods of corporate governance.
  6. Health, Safety and Environment.
  7. Development of human capital in the energy industry and training of qualified personnel.
  8. Development of international cooperation in the field of energy.
  9. Activation of the development of integration processes in the energy complex.
  10. Improvement of the sectoral regulatory and legal framework.

Expected results
  1. Strengthening the position of the country's largest industry association.
  2. Qualified representation of the business interests of enterprises and organizations of the energy complex in their relations with government bodies.
  3. Introduction of advanced knowledge in ensuring the safety of production, health and the environment.
  4. Formation of a strong social policy, in the development of human resources and the introduction of a system of motivation.
  5. Expansion of international cooperation, development of regional integration processes in the energy sector.
  6. Expansion of the range of information and analytical services, attraction of experts and consultants, development of publishing activities.