Association Council

The Association Council is a consultative and advisory body headed by the Chairman of the Association.
Functions of the Association Council:

  1. determines the priority activities of the Association;
  2. preliminary approves the development strategy of the Association;
  3. approves the annual work plan of the Association and makes changes to it;
  4. reviews and approves the budget of the Association, as well as financial reporting on the management and execution of the budgets of the Coordinating Councils;
  5. carries out preliminary approval of the annual financial statements of the Association;
  6. approves internal documents of the Association on the issues of: the procedure for admission of members to the Association and payment of membership fees; the procedure for developing, agreeing, approving and monitoring the implementation of the annual budget; the Association of Consulting Services; order of secondment of members of the Association to the Association; the procedure for ensuring the security of official and commercial secrets, including a list of information pertaining to confidential information;
  7. approves regulations on branches and representative offices of the Association;
  8. approves regulations on branches and representative offices of the Association;
  9. gives suggestions on issues submitted for consideration by the Chairman of the Association;
  10. gives recommendations and consultations on the activities of the Association;
  11. carries out other functions stipulated by the Regulations on the Council of the Association, by internal documents approved by the General Meeting of the Association members.

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