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Executive Committee

Executive Committee - is the collegial executive body of the Association, carries out the current management of the activities of the Association, is accountable to the General Meeting of the Association members, the Association Chairman, the Association Council and organizes the implementation of their decisions.
The competence of the Executive Committee includes:

  1. approval of internal documents of the Association, with the exception of documents approved by the General Meeting of Members, the Chairman and the Council of the Association;
  2. preparation and submission for approval to the authorized bodies of the Association of draft internal documents, the adoption of which is assigned to their competence;
  3. ensuring timely submission to members of the Association of information on its activities;
  4. development of draft budget and annual work plan of the Association and, in agreement with the Chairman of the Association, submitting them for approval to the Council of the Association;
  5. making decisions on concluding partnership agreements with organizations that are not members of the Association;
  6. making decisions on other issues of Association’s activities, not related to the exclusive competence of the General Meeting of Association members, the competence of the Chairman or the Council of the Association, as well as general management of current activities and other matters stipulated by the Charter of the Association.

Bolat Akchulakov
Director General of KAZAENERGY Association

Manages the activities of the Executive Committee of KAZENERGY Association.
Supervises the work of:
  • Executive Directors of the Association;
  • Accounting department;
Carries out other functions defined by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Charter of the Association
Rabay Yaromir
Executive director

Coordinates activities on:
  • development of oil and gas and energy industries;
  • science, innovation, ecology and development of Kazakhstan content;
  • standardization and technical regulation within the framework of the EAEU, other international organizations;
  • work in the field of sustainable development.
Coordinates the work of:
  • Department for the Development of oil-gas and energy Industries;
  • Department of Technical Regulation.
Supervises the activities of the following coordination councils of the Association:
  • on science, innovation and development of Kazakhstan content;
  • on the development of the energy sector;
  • on issues of ecology, social responsibility and transparency.
Zangar Nogaibay
Executive Director

Coordinates activities on:
  • legislative work and expertise of draft regulatory legal acts affecting the interests of the Association and its members (on related projects);
  • legal support of the Association activities.
Coordinates the work of:
  • Legal Department;
  • Department of Internal Administration;
  • Expert Council on Legislation under the Association;
Talgat Karashev
Executive Director

Coordinates activities on:
  • International relations and cooperation with major international organizations;
  • Organization of high level international events including KAZENERGY Eurasian Forum;
  • Realization of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Development of the National Energy Report;
  • Official visits, high level bilateral meetings and other protocol issues.
Coordinates the work of:
  • Project Manager for the International Energy Charter;
  • Department for International Cooperation;
Lyazzat Akhmurzina
Executive Director

Coordinates activities on:
  • professional training;
  • retraining, advanced training of personnel in the oil-gas and energy sector;
  • implementation of social policy;
  • standardization and certification in technical and professional education;
  • scholarships;
  • preparation and implementation of the Association's educational programs;
Coordinates the work of:
  • Department for Human Capital Development;
  • Coordination Council for the Development of Human Capital;
  • Youth Committee of KAZENERGY under the Association;
  • Women's Energy Club under the Association.