The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)
The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) was formally established in Bonn (Germany) in January 2009 at the founding conference. IRENA is an intergovernmental organization with a mission to improve the policy framework for the promotion of renewable energy sources through targeted advice to industrialized and developing countries to assist in increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

Kazakhstan, became a member of the organization on June 29, 2009

Since 2009, the Assembly of IRENA has been held regularly in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

The Director General of IRENA is Kenyan diplomat Adnan Amin.

The Agency carries out three main aspects in promoting RES: financial means, information and training. Within IRENA, there is the possibility of conducting case studies, in particular IRENA supports the selection of the best option for the structure of renewable energy and makes full use of its potential. Thus, IRENA suggests where and how the country can develop solar and wind energy, receive biomass energy, where it is better to promote the development of hydropower and geothermal energy. IRENA helps in the development of best practices and in the search for better technologies. Since 2012, IRENA has developed a program called "International partnership for training in RES."

Within the framework of this program, Kazakhstan has the following information:
  • world database of education and training
  • library of training materials in the field of RES;
  • participation in training seminars;
  • the e-learning platform (Academy), where students receive support through e-learning (lectures and seminars);
  • knowledge sharing (forum) where professors, experts and trainees can learn useful from interactive dialogues, information exchange, networking and curriculum development.
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