The Youth Forum of the World Petroleum Council will be held in Almaty in 2022

This was announced on December 5, 2021 in the United States at a meeting of the Council of the World Petroleum Council (hereinafter - the WPC). A presentation from Kazakhstan was made by Dzhambulat Sarsenov, Vice President of the WPC for Marketing, Deputy Chairman of KAZENERGY Association.

The Forum is one of the central events in the oil and gas industry and is held every three years in one of the 70 countries that are members of the World Petroleum Council.
The Youth Forum is a unique platform for the exchange of experience, the latest information and advanced achievements of the oil and gas industry. The audience of the Forum includes about 2000 young professionals, students and postgraduates.
This event gives participants the opportunity to share their experience in solving strategic problems facing the industry, as well as strengthen cooperation and establish contacts with world leaders in the oil and gas sector.

The venue of the next forum was chosenKazakh-British Technical University of Almaty, as the city is the largest trade, cultural and youth center of the country, with the largest concentration of scientific and educational institutions.
Today KBTU covers research institutes, centers and laboratories in a wide range of specialties in the oil and gas sector, mechanical engineering, cybernetics, chemical industry and others.
Due to its reputation as one of the best universities in Kazakhstan and the active sponsorship of oil and gas companies, the university has all the modern resource base in financial, technological and technical terms, which unconditionally makes it an ideal venue for such a large-scale and unique event as the WPC Youth Forum.

"We express our readiness to cooperate with young specialists and members of our organization in order to hold a high-level youth forum in September-October 2022 in Kazakhstan," Dzhambulat Sarsenov, Vice President of the WPC for Marketing, said.

The President of the World Petroleum Council, Tor Faeran, is delighted that Kazakhstan is ready to host the prestigious WPC Youth Forum in his country: "The National Committee of Kazakhstan, represented by KAZENERGY Association and supported by all key players in the oil and gas sector of Kazakhstan, has long played a central role in the activities of the WPC. Having hosted several annual meetings of the Council in the past and participating in special events and expert meetings, we are aware of their excellent capabilities in hosting major events. We are looking forward to meeting young specialists from 62 WPC member countries with Kazakhstan colleagues in 2022. Together, they will be able to benefit by learning from the world leaders of the oil and gas industry, and show their leadership qualities by joining industry leaders, experts and scientists who will share the most advanced solutions to the strategic challenges facing the industry during the energy transition."

Representing the WPC Young Professionals Committee, Stefan Rousselet, Chairman of the Young Professionals Committee:"I would like to thank our friends from Kazakhstan. We are very pleased to host the 7th Youth Forum of the World Petroleum Council in Almaty. As our industry moves to "net zero", we aim to encourage the new generation to expand their knowledge and connections by giving them the opportunity to discuss their views and ideas with industry leaders. The WPC Youth Forum, as the largest industry event for students and young professionals, is the best platform for this."

Previously, the Youth Forum was held in St. Petersburg in 2019 at the site of the multifunctional international student complex "Gorny" of St. Petersburg Mining University.

KBTU - educational institution is located in the former building of the Government House, which was built in 1951-1957, has historical value and is an architectural monument. It was in this building that historical documents were adopted that influenced the formation of our republic, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of its independence on December 16.
The University was established in 2001. More than 2000 students study at the University. In an unprecedented short period of time for universities, KBTU has become the new leader of higher technical education in Kazakhstan, conducting scientific research both for basic sectors of the economy and in the field of High-Tech.

WPC Youth forums
2004 - Beijing, China
2009 - Paris, France
2010 - New Delhi, India
2013 - Calgary, Canada
2016 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2019 - Saint Petersburg, Russia

The World Petroleum Council is a non-profit organization accredited to the United Nations, whose goal is to provide a global platform for discussing key issues of the oil and gas industry. The WPC was founded in London in 1933.

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