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Extension of the term of office of Jambulat Sarsenov holding the position of the Special representative of the Energy Charter Secretary General. 

Deputy Chairman of KAZENERGY Association Jambulat Sarsenov was reassigned Special representative of Urban Rusnak, Secretary General of the Energy Charter. The relevant resolution to extend with the established term of 2 years has entered into force in June this year. Mr. Rusnak expressed its confidence in continuation of fruitful joint work with Jambulat Sarsenov in promotion of the activities of the Energy Charter.

After 2 years of successful activities as the Special representative, Jambulat Sarsenov will continue support of the activities of the Energy Charter Secretariat, in particular regarding the improvement of investment protection mechanisms within the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT).

For reference:

Our country is the active member of the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) since its entry into force in 1998. Participation of Kazakhstan in ECT reflects the level of international cooperation in energy field.

We should remind that for the first time in the history of Energy Charter, Kazakhstan has obtained an honourable right to become the first country – chairman of the Energy Charter Conference in 2014. Concerning the priorities and initiatives promoted by Kazakhstan within the Chairmanship, they included constructive proposals regarding promotion of investments in the energy sector, transit and trading, improvement of the dispute settlement mechanisms as well as modernization of the Energy Charter process.

The 25th Session of the Energy Charter Conference “Development of Transit Corridors - a Key to Global Energy Security”, which was held in Astana in 2014, marked the end of Kazakhstan's Chairmanship at the Conference. The most important moments of this historic Conference are reflected in the Astana Declaration of the Energy Charter Process, which set the Process priorities for the next five years.

With a change in the geopolitical situation and for the rapprochement of the positions of the Energy Charter parties, the Astana Declaration outlines clear priorities in key activities such as protection and promotion of investments, dispute settlement, trade, transit and emergency response, including the possibility of resuming negotiations on the Multilateral Framework Agreement on transit of energy and energy efficiency.

The Republic of Kazakhstan plays an important role in formation of the energy balance and ensuring energy security of the region and intends to actively contribute to strengthening of the leading role of the Energy Charter in the world energy management.

September 19 - The name of Safi Utebayev was assigned to the Scholarship program of Chevron company

One of the priority activities of KAZENERGY Association for the human resources development is implementation of the projects aimed to increase the labour sources performance.

This year marks the eleventh anniversary of the successful implementation of KAZENERGY Education Program, aimed to train young people in the professions that are in demand in the energy sector. The program is implemented with the active participation of the leading oil and gas and energy companies of the country.

KAZENERGY is provided with the scholarships and grants under the program of NC “KazMunayGas” named after Safi Utebayev, scholarships of Chevron, educational grants from subsoil users, career guidance works are performed, contests for the development of innovative projects, intellectual games, debate tournaments and other events are conducted to stimulate youth for creative and professional achievements. 

Within this it should be noted that since 2015, NC “KazMunayGas” suspended the implementation of the scholarship program named after Safi Utebayev, the founder of Kazakh oil and gas industry, established in 2009.

In this connection, paying tribute to the memory of the outstanding figure in the oil industry of Kazakhstan, KAZENERGY Education Program and CHEVRON Company announce the assignment of the name of Safi Utebayev to CHEVRON scholarship program.

To date, this program has consolidated the status of a long-term and popular activity for the support of Kazakh students. We are sure that the restoration of S. Utebaev's nominal scholarship will be assessed positively.